Top 4 Ways to Find Your New Favorite Hairstylist

woman with blonde hair with pink streaks
A great hairstylist leads to great hair days

So you’ve moved, or your beloved stylist moved, or you need to find a new hairstylist for any reason. Where do you begin? Your new hair stylist is waiting to meet you too!

1. Instagram is my first suggestion because it’s where the hair stylists hang out. The platform is perfect for finding a hairstylist because it’s visual so you get instant access to a current portfolio of their work. Begin by searching hashtags including key words and your area. You can start with something simple like “hair” or “hairstylist” and your area code or a nearby major city. 

#hairstylist757 #HairHamptonVA

broad hashtag search

These are the tags stylists use to find their new potential clients so use it to your advantage! If you want to be more specific you can search cuts or color techniques that you’re interested in. Terms like “long hair, short hair, and curly hair” are great to search for along with “balayage, extensions, or braids.” Play around with different hashtag combinations to see what comes up. 

Remember: the broader the search term the more results you will get. Searching #hair will get many more results than #bobhaircut757

specific hashtag search

Once you find an image you like, click on their profile. Browse their profile to learn more about them and their work. They should have a little information on their profile about who they are, where they work, and what they specialize in. Look for a hairstylist who displays pictures of hair that look like a similar texture to yours. Read their captions. Do they sound like someone you would want to spend time with? That’s a great sign!

It’s okay to take it slow. Click the “follow” button. Watch their stories and posts for a while to get a better feel for their personality. Follow several stylists in your area. Message them! Ask them questions. Hair stylists love talking about hair and will be happy to help you. This will also give you a better idea if you will be a good personality match.

Helpful hashtag tips: #hashtags are all one word, no spaces and no punctuation, and capitalization doesn’t matter

2. Facebook is another great tool to find a new hair stylist. If you’re new to the area you probably don’t know anyone to get recommendations from. Join some local groups to ask the opinions of like-minded locals. There are groups on facebook for everything so search for some hobbies paired with your city or area code. You can also use the facebook marketplace to search for stylists promoting themselves in your area. Many salons and stylists have their own facebook pages that display pictures, business hours, and contact information. Hit the “like” or “follow” buttons if you aren’t yet ready to set up an appointment. 

3. Google Searching directly for “hair salons near me” might give you some good results but be aware that businesses can pay for priority in search results. It’s a good idea to visit their websites to get familiar with their business, prices, and see some photos of their work.

4. In the Wild is a great way to see real results from local stylists. If you see someone at the grocery store with beautiful hair, ask them who did it! Stylists frequently give out extra business cards to their clients just for this purpose. We love referrals! If they don’t have a business card on them you can at least get their name or salon and then find them online.

Once you’ve found a potential new stylist, schedule a consultation. Many hair stylists offer free consultations. You can meet face to face and ask all your questions to get comfortable with each other. Your consultation is like your “first date” to see if you want to build a relationship with this person. What are some good questions to ask?

Start with your main concerns and things you’re looking for. Hair is a good place to start but also discuss your lifestyle and budget. This relationship isn’t just about hair; people tell their hairdressers a LOT of personal information so it’s important that you feel a mutual sense of trust. It’s totally fine to bring up your hobbies and family.

DON’T try to use buzzwords to explain what you want, they can actually make things more confusing! It’s sometimes easier to physically point to where you want your hair cut to “here” instead of saying “I want 2 inches off.” 

DO bring pictures. Some terms are hard to explain and people tend to worry about finding the right words to explain what they mean. You know what they say about pictures. 

DON’T expect your hair to look exactly like your inspiration picture(s). Hair looks different in different lighting and each hair has its own unique history that limits what can or can’t be done to it. 

DO have a goal in mind, but be open to suggestions. A good hair stylist will not put the health of your hair in jeopardy and they will tell you if what you want will damage your hair. 

DON’T tell them how to do their job. If you don’t trust them, get out of their chair. 

DO talk about styles you admire and short term and long term goals. What do you expect from your first visit? Where would you like to be in 6 months or a year? 

I hope this helps you find your new dream hair stylist and makes the transition a little easier.

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