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It’s about time I start a blog. A real one. I have many ideas: some of them written, some of them drafted, and none published. I love writing, journaling, and posting excessively long instagram captions. I bought a chromebook in February on a whim because if I had a “real keyboard” I would have no excuse. My job closed nearly eight weeks ago due to Covid-19. Two weeks ago I decided I needed to pursue a new path and it still took me until today to sit down and do it.

I am Meg. I don’t really run with scissors, in fact I am a stickler for following the rules. I was a hairdresser for 14 years. I was upset when we had to close, but I supported it due to how little we knew about this virus aside from how it was spread through close human to human contact. That important detail is unavoidable in the industry. Quarantine time is separate from regular time. I don’t know what day of the week it is, everything is made up and the points don’t matter. 😉 Somehow it feels as if it’s only been a week and simultaneously it feels like this is how it’s been for a long time and we vaguely remember “the old times.”

I need to break into a new industry but the employment paradox has hit me: you can’t get a job without experience and you can’t get experience without a job. So here I am, gaining experience and developing a portfolio and hopefully learning about myself in the process. I’m excited to learn new skills and share my journey. I intend to start with beauty industry related topics but I would love to branch out eventually, learning and branching until I’m just a giant oak tree.

Published by megrunswithscissors

Collecting human experiences and sharing them. Dog mom, wife, licensed cosmetologist, lifelong student.

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